Transcription Services

Most people misunderstood transcription as a very easy and manageable task but in reality, the picture is not the same. Transcription procedures include audio to text transformations in analogous languages spoken. Both video and audio transcription procedure is essential for conferences, seminars and even film industries for having voice-over, subtitling and translations. Therefore, select Star Groups Of Translators for high-standard transcription services in India.

Star Groups Of Translators is an ISO verified organization that is a pioneer when it’s the topic of effective transcription service.We offer flawless and rapid transcription servicesfor plain text, audio, video and subtitling services in more than 36 languages. Our transcription service includesadd-ons for timestamps, multilingual audio, fast turnaround time and added file categories and time stamps.

Therefore approach Star Groups Of Translators for transition services like never before.

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