Top 10 Tips For Foreign Language Translation

Posted by Admin on May, 29, 2012

The phenomenon of globalization has brought the humankind into contact with the entire world. Irrespective of the linguistic and cultural diversity, the communication process has become an indispensable part of our lives. In order to grow and develop, we have to communicate and there is no second option. It is here that the Professional Translation Services come into play. Whether it is the Foreign Language Translation or the Indian Language Translation, these agencies offer Translation services in a manner as hassle-free and convenient as possible. Apart from that, the various services that are available for the people are as follows:
  • Language Translation
  • Language Localization
  • Language Subtitling
  • Editing
  • Proof-Reading
  • Project Management
  • Voice-Over

Indeed, the process of translation is a complex one and in order to achieve perfection in Foreign Language Translation, the following tips can surely be of some help.

  • Avoid Translation of specialized content like legal, scientific and technical text and documents. This takes a lot of extra time as well as may harm the reputation of the agency if the translated content is technically incorrect.
  • Try and keep the style of the writer intact while translating. This will ensure consistency in the content and will make as effective as the source is.
  • Write in active voice wherever possible. Avoid the usage of heavy and complicated words. Try and keep the Translation as simple as possible.
  • While dealing with metaphors and puns, extra care has to be taken as the meanings might be entirely different in the destination language. Translate the general meaning of the metaphors and puns in that case.
  • Always be on the look-out for the acronyms. Some terms may sound the same but may have diametrically opposite meanings. Handle these things with great care.
  • Always make it a point to keep in mind the units of measures in the destination language. They may be different from that of the source language.
  • Research the various websites and phone numbers before translating so that terms inappropriate for the target audience could be avoided.
  • If there is some doubt over anything in the Translation, consult a specialist or a native speaker of that language.
  • Proof-read the Foreign Language Translation before sending it.
  • Keep an electronic dictionary handy all the time. This helps in finding the right phrase or terms and may also allow the addition of some phrases for future reference.

Keep these tips in mind, and the Translation process might just as well be very effective on the part of the Translator.

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