Subtitles: Bridging The Linguistic Gap

Posted by Admin on May, 21, 2021

Subtitles are the texts displayed as the written expression of the dialogues, commentary or any other spoken deliveries of the movies, sports shows or any kind of television programs are called subtitles. The subtitles can be in any language. They are not necessarily in the same language as in the video. The subtitles are displayed either at the bottom or at the top of the screen.

The main purpose of providing subtitles in a show is for helping the viewers who are physically challenged in hearing or suffering as hard of hearing. The subtitles are also subjected to the viewers who cannot follow the spoken language in the show or have problems in recognising the accent of the dialogues.

Subtitles can either be created separately or within the video. For movies and TV shows, generally, separate files are made. The subtitle captions are displayed with respect to the time code that is the length of the film and the timings of the dialogues. Though various software is available that helps to create the subtitles within the video, this mode is generally opted for educational or informative videos.

Scope in Subtitle oriented Services

Nowadays advertisement industry, creative media industry and the educational sector provide a lot of scopes for different types of content writing services. Subtitling services in India are one of them. Professional subtitle writers use applications of various computer software and hardware with specific specialisation. Along with creating the subtitles, the subtitle writers also decides which part of the screen would display the writings.

Subtitling services are opted for video accessibility on a large scale, especially in linguistic differentiation. Subtitling services are also called for translating English to other local languages. Again the subtitle services are helpful for search engine optimisation.

There are various providers of subtitling services in India who mainly targets the video makers of different types, service providers of video on demand, individual broadcasters and as well as companies located all over the world, who deals in this business. The subtitling service providers offer their services in exchange for highly competitive market rates. These service providers also claim to meet the tight deadlines and provide subtitle formats of a wide range.

Needs of Subtitles

In present times, informational and entertainment video are available over the Internet quite easily and on a wide scale. These videos can be accessed from anywhere in the world and by anybody. As a result, the language of the content might not be communicable. Therefore, subtitles are required for having a wide range of viewers.

Again the popularity of the videos are determined according to the number of times they are being searched on the internet and how long are the videos being watched. Subtitles play an important role here. If the videos are not communicable to the viewers, then they would not watch them for long. Whereas, with subtitles present, it becomes a lot easier for the viewer to follow the content.

Many research and analysis have shown that other than people with impaired hearing or hard of hearing, normal viewers also tend to go for videos having subtitles present in them. Viewers who lack fluency in a particular language prefer watching videos with subtitles for better comprehension.

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